About 關於我們


Creative Consulting is established to assist people with English documentation editing and translation between Chinese and English.  We determine to deliver the quick and nimble approach of getting the work done in meeting your expectation.  Wherever you are and need editing assistance, we are right here to help, with only one email away.

Our Service 我們的服務


我們提供便利性和合理的估價,任何時間都可聯繫我們。我們二至三天內會回覆您的諮詢或電子郵件 (週末時間聯繫則不一定)。當您確認了報價跟服務項目後,我們即便會快速的處理您的文件。

We do not offer writing service to any client at the moment.  We edit documents and files based on your writing.  We not only edit the grammar but we also adjust the logic flow that makes sense to the reader.

We offer fast and affordable service you need.  We will reply back to your inquiry within two to three business days.  If you contact us during weekends, the response time may be different. When you confirm the pricing and the service, we will get to work and follow up with you closely.

Our Customers 我們的客戶


Our customers include students, job seekers, marketing professionals, charitable organizations, private-sector employees, freelancers, and much more.

Our Goal 我們的目標


我們把每樣案件都看待為自己的文件,並會依照您個人的要求給予建議以及修改。我們會與您直接溝通,以滿足您的需求。我們服務沒有標準化流程 (SOP),因為我們了解您的需求是跟其他人是不同的。

We examine every case with deliberation and take the work seriously.  We will work with you one-on-one to understand your objective and complete the work based on your need.

Our Team 我們的團隊

我們修改、潤稿服務都是由擁有多年校稿經驗或是語言相關大學科系的人員來負責 。我們許多的翻譯人員都是具有大學學歷,有些也同是具有碩博士等專業學歷。

Our team includes native speakers from the U.S and experienced translators.  All of us have at least a four-year university B.A. or B.S. bachelor degree in an accredited university, and many have advanced degrees.

Disclaimer 聲明 


We also reserve the right to reject service to anyone or to any work.  Note not every work will be accepted by us.  We will evaluate your inquiry before accepting the case and providing any pricing.