Check that again! The abbreviations of Days of the Week and Months of the Year

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How is summer going?

Now that it is in fall season (autumn), we are going to be using the abbreviations a lot more as we write! You know the second half of the year, as we happen to have longer vacation time, the letters of the months of the year get longer too.

I organize the below information and can be a reference any time you intend to write in abbreviation, in case you have to do so in note taking or meeting minutes.

For the months, note that in general, May, June, and July are usually not abbreviated because of the shorter letter form already.

For the word “Month”, there is not just one way of doing it, if you happen to look around the internet or checking out books in the library. In one way, you can abbreviate to mo., though that is less common seen in writing. The plural form of is mos., as in five mos. In another way, you can abbreviate to mth for singular, and mths for plural form. Sometimes, m-th works the same way as mth.

As for using the documentation system such as MLA or APA citation style in a research paper, for example, the months with four or fewer letters are not recommended to be abbreviated.

Here’s the abbreviations of the months:

Month in
order number
MonthAbbreviationDays in the month
2FebruaryFeb.28 or 29

Here’s the abbreviations of the days:

Look at the words carefully at the right column.


All these words can be handy some time, so overall, it is good to know about them.

So there it is, if you have any comment, please feel free to let us know. Thanks.

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30 Misspelled Words In Resume that should be eliminated & More

As any school counselor often says, getting even a misspelled word on your resume can possibly ruin a potential interview opportunity, which can be very true.

It is certainly easy to be confused, especially when the words sound so much the same and when you look at both the correct and incorrect words.  What’s good for remembering this, you ask?  Well, you save half of the time by looking up words in a dictionary.

Let’s look at the list.

Misspelled Word Correct Word
accomodate accommodate
acheive achieve
arguement argument
basicly basically
calender calendar
definately definitely
dianostic diagnostic
efficently efficiently
excessivly excessively
fourty forty
goverment government
happend happened
independant independent
layed off laid off
mainteance maintenance
neccessary necessary
noticable noticeable
ocassion occasion
occurance, occurrence occurrence
pavillion pavilion
persistent presistant
prefered preferred
questionaire Questionnaire
recieve receive
resently recently
seperate separate
succesful successful
tommorow tomorrow
unfortunatly unfortunately
voulunter volunteer

You can find a ton of rich information on the internet about misspelled words.  Some of them are obvious, and some of them will just make you think twice.  We encourage you to do more research if you get more questions about this topic.Of course, there are more misspelled words that one can find on a careless resume.  These are just some words we identify that one should take notice and avoid the pitfalls.

Notice there often has confusion between the words with “ie” and “ei” in a word.  The “e” and “a” are often mistaken in writing as well, such as the word persistent.

By carefully examining your words, you can then truly present your resume in an effective and professional manner.

Ways to Avoid Misspelled Words

Sometimes you find yourself hard to memorize all the words and write them correctly.   This is common.  Thankfully,  there are more ways to avoid spelling mistakes that can cost you to lose a job opportunity. We have come up with some suggestions and hope to benefit you in writing your resume.

Don’t just count on Spell Check.  Spell Check can be useful, but sometimes it can fail to check words like era or are in a sentence.  It always pays to read over your resume twice or even three times.

Pay close attention to similar word form or prefix.  For example, words like receive and receipt can be similar but actually have different meanings.

Double check on the abbreviation.  Some organizations can have abbreviated words than look like an actual word with meaning.  There may be a company named TWO’s.  Yet if you write two, that may just seem like an error in a paragraph. Check if you capitalize it correctly or put all the dots next to each word to show the name of the organization is abbreviated.

Be careful on contractions!  You, you’re and your are all different.  Other common misspelling words are their and they’re or she’d and shed.  On the other hand, don’t forget the apostrophe if it is required.  Proofread them and understand what each one of them supposes to mean on your resume or cover letter!

We enjoy sharing information with you, and we look forward to helping you to write better.












英文縮寫 英文全名 中文含意 英文縮寫 英文全名 中文含意
adj. Adjective 形容詞 obj. objective 受格
adv. Adverb 副詞 pl. plural 複數
art. Article 冠詞 poss. possessive 所有格
aux. Auxiliary 助動詞 pp. past participle 過去分詞
comp. Comparative degree 比較級 ppr. present participle 現在分詞
conj. Conjunction 連接詞 prep. preposition 介係詞
def. art Definite article 定冠詞 pron. pronoun 代名詞
fem. Feminine 陰性 pt. past tense 過去式
gen. Genitive 所有格 rel. pron. relative pronoun 關係代名詞
indef. art. Indefinite article 不定冠詞 sing. singular 單數
interj. Interjection 感嘆詞 superl. superlative degree 最高級
mas. Masculine 陽性 v. verb 動詞
n. Noun 名詞 v.i. intransitive verb 不及物動詞
nom. nominative 主格 v.t. transitive verb 及物動詞

Time to revisit the abbrevations in your old dictionary!

Hi everyone,

Has it been a while for you to look up words in an actual, physically-printed dictionary (in the book form, of course)?

We have compiled and listed some of the most common dictionary abbreviations for you to review.  The abbreviations next to the word can make a difference in meaning and how you structure a sentence in a paragraph.  Without some understanding, a misused word form can cause problems in writing.  Be careful and understand the differences when checking out any word in a dictionary!

Let us know if you have any feedback. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Abbreviated Form Original Term Abbreviated Form Original Term
adj. Adjective obj. objective
adv. Adverb pl. plural
art. Article poss. possessive
aux. Auxiliary pp. past participle
comp. Comparative degree ppr. present participle
conj. Conjunction prep. preposition
def. art Definite article pron. pronoun
fem. Feminine pt. past tense
gen. Genitive rel. pron. relative pronoun
indef. art. Indefinite article sing. singular
interj. Interjection superl. superlative degree
mas. Masculine v. verb
n. Noun v.i. intransitive verb
nom. nominative v.t. transitive verb


So, you are unsure about farther or further?

Hi everyone, this is Chris from Creative Consulting.

I notice quite a few people mixed up the two words and often stumble upon which word they should choose in their writing, so I am here to give you more ideas about it.

Both farther and further mean “a long distance,” but they do have more interpretation for what they are referring to.  I have compiled and listed some details below.



Further is defined as something that is additional, or to a greater extent or degree in the adjective form.  Further quite often implies figurative or an unknown distance.  In the verb form, further suggests to forward or advance a cause, such as further a discussion.  Yet, you will not write “I farther a discussion.”


When using further as an adverb, you may substitute the word moreover or additionally for further to check if the sentence makes sense.


He cannot go further anymore because his legs are hurt. (as an adverb)

I write a scientific research paper to further elaborate on the topic of space travel. (as a verb)

The further away you are from home, the more you will miss your parents. (as an adjective)

Without further delay, Sam drives to the train station immediately. (as an adjective)



Farther is identified as an actual measurable distance.  It suggests physical distance or length.  Farther is also the comparative form of the word far.

when farther is an adjective, its comparative form is farther or further.  As for the superlative form, you can guess it can be either farthest or furthest.  Notice that the words farther and farthest are getting less common in the usage of American English,  as more writers are using further and furthest in their writing.  Anyhow, they can be used interchangeably in the United States.


The book is placed farther than the pen. (as an adverb)

This project is not going farther without the support from the government. (as an adverb)

Los Angeles is farther south than San Francisco. (as an adjective)

He went on a farther route to meet with his father. (as an adjective)


Finally, I learned that the subtle difference between the two words does not apply in British English.  You might want to double check on the usage when you are in the U.K.

So there you have it.  I hope you enjoy our discussion here.  If you have any feedback or a case in mind, please let us know how we can help you.  Have a great day!

The Overview of Writing Process


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We would like to be helpful to your writing process.  Please find our guide for the writing process.  Feel free to download it and use it as a reference.  Let us know if we can assist you in any way.

writing process_creative consulting inc_may_2017

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