Check that again! The abbreviations of Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Hello everyone,

How is summer going?

Now that it is in fall season (autumn), we are going to be using the abbreviations a lot more as we write! You know the second half of the year, as we happen to have longer vacation time, the letters of the months of the year get longer too.

I organize the below information and can be a reference any time you intend to write in abbreviation, in case you have to do so in note taking or meeting minutes.

For the months, note that in general, May, June, and July are usually not abbreviated because of the shorter letter form already.

For the word “Month”, there is not just one way of doing it, if you happen to look around the internet or checking out books in the library. In one way, you can abbreviate to mo., though that is less common seen in writing. The plural form of is mos., as in five mos. In another way, you can abbreviate to mth for singular, and mths for plural form. Sometimes, m-th works the same way as mth.

As for using the documentation system such as MLA or APA citation style in a research paper, for example, the months with four or fewer letters are not recommended to be abbreviated.

Here’s the abbreviations of the months:

Month in
order number
MonthAbbreviationDays in the month
2FebruaryFeb.28 or 29

Here’s the abbreviations of the days:

Look at the words carefully at the right column.


All these words can be handy some time, so overall, it is good to know about them.

So there it is, if you have any comment, please feel free to let us know. Thanks.

If you need any assistance for translation or guidance for a writing project, please feel free to let us know too. 🙂

Written by Chris

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