30 Misspelled Words In Resume that should be eliminated & More

As any school counselor often says, getting even a misspelled word on your resume can possibly ruin a potential interview opportunity, which can be very true.

It is certainly easy to be confused, especially when the words sound so much the same and when you look at both the correct and incorrect words.  What’s good for remembering this, you ask?  Well, you save half of the time by looking up words in a dictionary.

Let’s look at the list.

Misspelled Word Correct Word
accomodate accommodate
acheive achieve
arguement argument
basicly basically
calender calendar
definately definitely
dianostic diagnostic
efficently efficiently
excessivly excessively
fourty forty
goverment government
happend happened
independant independent
layed off laid off
mainteance maintenance
neccessary necessary
noticable noticeable
ocassion occasion
occurance, occurrence occurrence
pavillion pavilion
persistent presistant
prefered preferred
questionaire Questionnaire
recieve receive
resently recently
seperate separate
succesful successful
tommorow tomorrow
unfortunatly unfortunately
voulunter volunteer

You can find a ton of rich information on the internet about misspelled words.  Some of them are obvious, and some of them will just make you think twice.  We encourage you to do more research if you get more questions about this topic.Of course, there are more misspelled words that one can find on a careless resume.  These are just some words we identify that one should take notice and avoid the pitfalls.

Notice there often has confusion between the words with “ie” and “ei” in a word.  The “e” and “a” are often mistaken in writing as well, such as the word persistent.

By carefully examining your words, you can then truly present your resume in an effective and professional manner.

Ways to Avoid Misspelled Words

Sometimes you find yourself hard to memorize all the words and write them correctly.   This is common.  Thankfully,  there are more ways to avoid spelling mistakes that can cost you to lose a job opportunity. We have come up with some suggestions and hope to benefit you in writing your resume.

Don’t just count on Spell Check.  Spell Check can be useful, but sometimes it can fail to check words like era or are in a sentence.  It always pays to read over your resume twice or even three times.

Pay close attention to similar word form or prefix.  For example, words like receive and receipt can be similar but actually have different meanings.

Double check on the abbreviation.  Some organizations can have abbreviated words than look like an actual word with meaning.  There may be a company named TWO’s.  Yet if you write two, that may just seem like an error in a paragraph. Check if you capitalize it correctly or put all the dots next to each word to show the name of the organization is abbreviated.

Be careful on contractions!  You, you’re and your are all different.  Other common misspelling words are their and they’re or she’d and shed.  On the other hand, don’t forget the apostrophe if it is required.  Proofread them and understand what each one of them supposes to mean on your resume or cover letter!

We enjoy sharing information with you, and we look forward to helping you to write better.








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