Time to revisit the abbrevations in your old dictionary!

Hi everyone,

Has it been a while for you to look up words in an actual, physically-printed dictionary (in the book form, of course)?

We have compiled and listed some of the most common dictionary abbreviations for you to review.  The abbreviations next to the word can make a difference in meaning and how you structure a sentence in a paragraph.  Without some understanding, a misused word form can cause problems in writing.  Be careful and understand the differences when checking out any word in a dictionary!

Let us know if you have any feedback. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Abbreviated Form Original Term Abbreviated Form Original Term
adj. Adjective obj. objective
adv. Adverb pl. plural
art. Article poss. possessive
aux. Auxiliary pp. past participle
comp. Comparative degree ppr. present participle
conj. Conjunction prep. preposition
def. art Definite article pron. pronoun
fem. Feminine pt. past tense
gen. Genitive rel. pron. relative pronoun
indef. art. Indefinite article sing. singular
interj. Interjection superl. superlative degree
mas. Masculine v. verb
n. Noun v.i. intransitive verb
nom. nominative v.t. transitive verb



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